Why Did My House Appraise For Less Than I Think It’s Worth, And What Can I Do About It?

Posted by Clarice Nettles // February 16, 2018

It’s not uncommon for most homeowners – especially sellers – to overvalue their homes. Sometimes, though, an appraisal might not accurately reflect your home’s true market value.

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What Can You Do To Prepare for A Natural Disaster?

Posted by Clarice Nettles // February 13, 2018

Most homeowners have insurance and there are protections built into your mortgage to take disasters into consideration. What else can you do to be prepared financially?

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Do Natural Disasters Cause an Increase in Foreclosures?

Posted by Clarice Nettles // February 5, 2018

In the wake of Hurricanes Harvey, Maria, and Irma, some economists warn of a second crisis: foreclosures.

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Rentals – What’s The Difference Between a One-Year Lease And a Two-Year Lease?

Posted by Clarice Nettles // January 29, 2018

In an economy where rents are rising and expected to continue doing so, is a two-year lease the best move for you?

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Should I Continue to Rent, or Should I Buy in 2018?

Posted by Clarice Nettles // January 19, 2018

We’ve devoted a considerable amount of space so far in 2018 to what you need to know if you’re going to buy this year. But what about the question of whether or not you should continue to rent?

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Why Atlanta is 2018’s Sleeper Hit Real Estate Market

Posted by Clarice Nettles // January 10, 2018

It’s a new year, and predictions for the real estate market are about as common as abandoned resolutions (it’s January 10th so be honest, are you still hitting the gym?). The blogosphere is saturated with claims that this city or the other will be 2018’s hottest, and you need to know how to filter through […]

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How You Can Improve Your Finances In 2018

Posted by Clarice Nettles // January 6, 2018

Now that the champagne bottles are empty, it’s time to see who lives up to their New Year Resolutions.

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Reasons To Consider Doing a Home Loan Modification

Posted by Clarice Nettles // December 29, 2017

Refinancing your home isn’t the sort of thing you should do just because you saw a sharp commercial, but sometimes it makes sense.

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Banks or Mortgage Brokers?

Posted by Clarice Nettles // December 16, 2017

As a real estate investor, obtaining capital is a huge part of your business. Where should you be turning to get it?

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Is Radon Gas Really That Big of a Risk?

Posted by Clarice Nettles // December 10, 2017

As the weather gets colder and your family spends more time indoors, now might be a good time to think about testing your home.

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